Heidi and I are near the end of our third week on staff at New Life Church, Everett, Washington.

We are serving here as “Interim Co-Lead Pastors”. The “interim” role serves as a bridge for a season. While serving in this role we will do so prayerfully and with vision for the future. We appreciate your prayers as we seek to be good shepherds to this wonderful staff and congregation.  On October 30th, New Life Church served over 4000 people who came here for an incredible Halloween outreach. Yesterday I took a prayer drive with some of the staff, visiting strategic landmarks and buildings in this community, contending for revival while recognizing New Life Church’s unique purpose in God’s plan for this area.

We are living on a farm in Snohomish. It is a beautiful place called the “Lost Lake Farm”. We are taking care of some chickens and goats. It is a beautiful 30 minute commute to the church.  We also are enjoying being near our children and grandchildren! This is a great blessing to us. I also am in the process of learning a new sport: Wing Foiling.

Below is an interview we did as a simple introduction. It takes time to make new friends, to build trust, and to become a part of a new community. Jesus has made it clear to us that we should take this one day at a time, one person at a time, and one conversation at a time. May grace cover New Life Church, and may His love and Presence be felt deeply.