2811, 2022

Advent Encounter – Weekly Videos

November 28th, 2022|

These videos are designed to complement the weekly readings found in our book “Advent Encounter”.
This book is available on Kindle through this link: Advent Encounter

Hope you enjoy this Advent season as you encounter Jesus in a new way.

The playlist is located on my channel right HERE, and the first video is below.

Merry Christmas!!

2211, 2022

Serving as a Friend

November 22nd, 2022|

I have posted my first sermon below. Thank you for your prayers as we go on this journey in a new community!
If this topic sparks some questions, feel free to comment below. #friendshipleadership

1011, 2022

New Journey, New Life Church

November 10th, 2022|

Heidi and I are near the end of our third week on staff at New Life Church, Everett, Washington.

We are serving here as “Interim Co-Lead Pastors”. The “interim” role serves as a bridge for a season. While serving in this role we will do so prayerfully and with vision for the future. We appreciate your prayers as we seek to be good shepherds to this wonderful staff and congregation.  On October 30th, New Life Church served over 4000 people who came here for an incredible Halloween outreach. Yesterday I took a prayer drive with some of the staff, visiting strategic […]

1607, 2022

The World Comes to Eugene

July 16th, 2022|

Yesterday was the first day of the World Track and Field Championships. It is being held at the new track in Eugene, Oregon. As I watched the highlights it took me back in time to the days when I ran there.

We all are called to run this race of life with the goal of finishing well.

The Perfect Race

Hayward Field is the mecca for track and field in the United States. It is holy ground. More Olympic Trials, U.S. Championships, and NCAA Championships have been held there than any other location […]


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