“Matt Messner is a deep thinker with a delightful sense of humor. His words will strengthen your relationships and empower you to be the leader you’ve always dreamed of!”
—Margaret Feinberg, author of Taste and See: An Aspiring Foodie’s Search for God Among Butchers, Bakers, and Fresh Food Makers

“Jesus called his leaders friends. . . . Can a leader be friends with those they lead? I always said: ‘no.’ This book, however, changed my mind. Not only have Messner and McMurray-Branscombe written a brilliant exposé on the traps and dangers of failing to befriend those we are trusted to lead, we now have an argument for why it’s ideal—if not Christ-like—to befriend those we lead. I hated this book. It held up a mirror to my folly.”
—A.J. Swoboda, pastor, teacher, and author of Subversive Sabbath

No one can deny that friendships are powerful relationships of influence. Why not strategically incorporate friendship within a philosophy of leadership? People long for relational models of leadership, yet few specific methodologies have been developed.
This book examines the friendship of God with humanity, and the leadership of Jesus with his disciples, to whom he declared, “I no longer call you servants . . . Instead, I have called you friends” (John 15:15). In response to this enduring example of the Divine bringing together both friendship and leadership, this book presents an unexplored model of leadership for the Christian practitioner: Friendship Leadership.

The authors of Friendship Leadership share research, historical examples, and their personal experiences with this leadership model, as they describe both the trials and triumphs. Through this process, the book addresses the primary barriers a leader might experience when utilizing the Friendship Leadership model. Finally, the authors offer a guide for how to incorporate friendship into their leadership, strengthening others as they follow the example of our great Leader. The result is a transformational way of leading that nurtures relationships.